10 Maisons à Arta acheter

Village voisin:
Maison à Arta

Arta, Vivre dans le style au cœur d’Artà

159 m²

164 m²


€ 980.000,-

Maison à Arta

Arta, High quality townhouse of extra class in Arta

319 m²

200 m²


€ 904.060,-

Maison à Arta vendu

Arta, Lovingly renovated town house in Arta

125 m²

149 m²



Maison à Arta

Arta, Wonderful town house in Arta

169 m²

123 m²


€ 459.000,-

Maison à Arta

Arta, Beautifully renovated town house in a quiet location in Arta

200 m²

80 m²


€ 420.000,-

Maison à Arta

Arta, Typical town house with a wonderful patio in Arta

173 m²

163 m²


€ 380.000,-

Maison à Arta nouveau

Arta, Two connected village houses with lots of potential in the heart of Arta

375 m²

207 m²


€ 300.000,-

Maison à Arta

Arta, Traditional village house located in the heart of Artà

388 m²

113 m²


€ 275.000,-

Maison à Arta reserve

Arta, Charming, renovated town house in Arta in a quiet location

182 m²

91 m²


€ 260.000,-

Maison à Arta

Arta, Small charming town house in the heart of Arta

110 m²



€ 200.000,-


Localisation & environnement:

Artà is situated in the northeast of the island, a good part of the municipality is part of the natural park “Parque Natural de Llevant”. It belongs to the few municipalities of Mallorca that still have natural wide sandy beaches. About 7000 inhabitants live in the 140 km2 large municipality area. The landmark, the church of Sant Salvador with its thick walls, looks proudly down to the village and can be seen for miles around.