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Village voisin:
Maison à Cas Catala

Cas Catala, Exquisite villa project with a spectacular view in Cas Catala

500 m²

1.600 m²


€ 2.950.000,-

Maison à Cas Catala exklusif

Cas Catala, Beautiful townhouse with superb taste in Cas Catala

195 m²



€ 1.500.000,-


Localisation & environnement:

Cas Català is the nucleus of the municipality of Calvià , which marks the border with Palma. Its name dates back to the end of the XIX century, when a Catalan established his home there. It is a residential housing with chalets and flats spread on the hillside of woodland. It has two accesses to the sea and a little beach surrounded by terraces. Aside of the beach the five star hotel “Maricel” offers to all guests in its restaurant and the recent opened Spa a wonderful sojourn.