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Cottage à Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Bonne possibilité d’investition dans une zone demandée de Valldemossa

800 m²

50.000 m²


€ 1.975.000,-

Cottage à Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Magnificent villa with tremendous views of Valdemossa

242 m²

21.600 m²


€ 3.250.000,-


Localisation & environnement:

This lovely and picturesque village is situated at an altitude of 430 m in the Tramuntana mountains. The high valley has been a popular settlement area since prehistoric times. The Romans and Moores left their traces here. The most popular building is certainly the monastery “Cartuja de Jesús Nazareno”, in which Frederic Chopin and George Sand passed their famous winter months. The saint of the Island Santa Catalina Thómas was born here, and Archduke Luis Salvator of Austria, famous visitor of the Balearic Islands, constructed his beautiful residence Miramar in the surrounding area.