12 biens immobiliers à Manacor acheter

Villages supplémentaires:
Cottage à Manacor

Manacor, Grande Finca en pierre naturel avec grand pool et maison hôte à Manacor

289 m²

28.000 m²


€ 795.000,-

Cottage à Manacor

Manacor, Traditional historical manor house near Manacor

240 m²

395.256 m²


sur demande

Terrain à Manacor

Manacor, Huge plot with private woods near Manacor

469.221 m²



€ 2.650.000,-

Cottage à Manacor

Manacor, Generous country house with holiday apartments

635 m²

12.280 m²


€ 2.170.000,-

Villa à Manacor

Manacor, Impressive 2-storey villa in Manacor

262 m²

15.424 m²


€ 1.890.000,-

Cottage à Manacor

Manacor, Enchanting finca with wonderful panorama views in the southeast of Mallorca

400 m²

19.000 m²


€ 1.295.000,-

Cottage à Manacor nouveau

Manacor, Lovely, high-quality finca next to the golf course La Rotana Wine and Golf Resort in Manacor

334 m²

14.529 m²


€ 990.000,-

Cottage à Manacor

Manacor, Charming natural-stone finca with panoramic views near Manacor

200 m²

10.000 m²


€ 980.000,-

Cottage à Manacor

Manacor, Rehabilitated country house from the 13th century with sensational views to the Tramuntana Mountains

350 m²

30.000 m²


€ 880.000,-

Cottage à Manacor reduit

Manacor, Authentic country house with stables on a picturesque plot

180 m²

28.600 m²


€ 590.000,-

Terrain à Manacor

Manacor, Beautiful building plot with views over the bay of Alcudia

17.400 m²


€ 265.000,-

Appartement à Manacor

Manacor, Beautiful, centrally-situated apartment in the heart of Manacor

93 m²


€ 158.000,-


Localisation & environnement:

Manacor - the city of furniture - is situated in the centre of the island and is the second largest place in Majorca. About 36.000 inhabitants live in the municipality which includes the villages of Porto Cristo, Son Macià and the whole fof Calas de Mallorca. The city lives off trade, agriculture as well as tourism. Many internationally famous sport celebrities were born in Manacor (Rafael Nadal, Elena Gomez f.e.)